Do you offer delivery ….
Unfortunately we only offer pick ups

Most frequent question - Customer

How are the cheeseboards packed ?

They are clingfilmed to assure hygiene and to ensure the decor stays intact during transport.

Can I send use a third party logistics service such as genie or porter for pick ups ?

We generally recommend booking a 4 wheeler for cakes, rafa platters and sizes above …though you shall have to book that on your end .

Will the platters look exactly the same as in the pictures?

We try to make sure they look the same but use of seasonal fruits and flowers may vary slightly upon availability .

Are all the cakes eggless ?

We have provided an eggless option wherever applicable, unfortunately some products such as the eclairs and tiramisu cannot be made without eggs .

How do we receive the order once we reach for pick up ?

Please inform the security at the cabin once you reach the main gate at Anantya , they shall inform our cloud kitchen inside who will send your order outside shortly - this may take 3/5 minutes .

How much lead time do you require for orders ?

A 24 hour notice is ideal but for the cheese platters you may call us 2/4 hours in advance since we generally do have a ready stock . Last minute orders may not go through the website so you may have to call us directly to check availability .